Strain Requirements!

Yorkers are a very callous people, capable of whatever violence is required for survival. They have a difficult time making friends due to the fact that they are accustomed to everyone they know dying. At the same time they see little worth in moping and depression, and tend to have colorful, sarcastic, somewhat larger than life personalities– they party as hard as they fight, and make sure their friends and enemies both know exactly how they feel about them. Yorkers dress in sturdy, versatile clothes and favor hoods, multiple layers of shirts, and jeans that have been patched a thousand times. Artifacts of pre-fall cities are highly prized, with ratty old baseball caps, frayed sports team patches, re-stitched and repurposed jerseys and similar mementos all evoking fierce hometown pride. Armor with shreds of fabric from pre-fall luxuries are not uncommon.


Imagine city dwellers in an apocalyptic world. You’re probably repping some sort of jersey or sports gear that varies by the area your family was raised in. There’s also a sort of style that comes with city living, now make it apocalyptic!

Costuming inspirations!