During one of our patrols we found an outpost that belonged to the Drowned Market. Out people were successful in clearing it out. Based on the reports there were only a few Unborn and about 20 Full Dead occupying this space.

Although they attempted to destroy their equipment in their losing fight, we were able to retrieve what we believe to be a control board.

The buttons to the control board were smashed around the ground. We’ve provided a picture of the available buttons one of our artists were able to make.

They only thing correct about this image is that it is positioned in the only available slots for the control board.

(The control board looks exactly the same in positioning, but the buttons in this image are mixed up both in position and in label.)

We can confirm the top left button is where it’s supposed to be and the label is correct.

The middle bottom button is where its supposed to be, but we’re unsure if the label is correct.

The second button on the right side is also in it’s correct position and the label is correct.

We can confirm this information based on the buttons and labels that were still connected to the control board when it was retrieved.

Furthermore, there is a single lone button connected to the control board with a blue, red, and green wire.

OOG note: The labels are the letters, they are not attached to the colors of the buttons. There is no difference between white and black letters, that was a format to make the writing easier to read for you. The buttons are represented by the image and are connected to the COLOR and style of the color.

Label = Letters

Button = color/shape


First, we need you to decode what the buttons say.

Then, we need you to determine what the correct order of the buttons are.

Will we press the buttons?

In what order?

I will be contacting the Lab of Lost Knowledge to get in touch with their local Techno Savant. If you are able to decode the buttons and offer him direction, we may be able to do something here.

Or, at least, figure out what the Drowned are trying to do.

-Mercy’s Second of the Shatterstone Tribe

The Experience Design Guide will be joining you in the Psylum Discord.