Unborn of Teixiptla

Strain Requirements

The Unborn of Teixiptla are grown from a mixture of the Gravemind biomass and especially pre-fall prepared organics. This process has caused the flesh that was re-knitted together to be oddly colored with a faint sickly pale green hue to the skin. The veins of the Unborn are teeming with the infectious material that makes up the undead plague. The veins of the Unborn around the writsts, arms, legs, throat, and along the jaw are most predominately visible with a sickly purple color visible through the skin. While there is blood within the body of the Unborn, the amount of infectious material within the blood is so potent that the veins have become discolored. Lastly, the eyes of the Unborn are milky white and require contact lenses. Due to these visual features, extensive costume and make up is required for continued play.


Costume Inspirations!