Semper Mort tubes are sprawled out across the wastes, and The Survivors are a new generation that has only surfaced about a year ago. Their tubes were underground just north of the Eerie settlement. Lascarians, who were attempting to expand their tunnels, disturbed their slumber and caused a malfunction that shut all of their machines down - forcing them to wake. These parts were then harvested across the town of Eerie and used for Lab equipment.

≜⊡﹎⍎Ξ ⊟Ξ✕⍨

Many of the humans died. The rest of them mutated to the infection that has taken over the world.

Together they formed a pack and attempted to learn how to survive in this new world - with absolutely no memories of what living meant. Even though they are adults they emerged with the mentality of blood-crazed children, very similar to a feral Lascarian.

When the hunger for blood took over The Survivors started to feast on weary travelers who were caught off guard to sate their hunger. In doing so they became hunted and feared. The strongest of their pack took to learning all of the social normalities and way of life that was lost in their awakening.

Their speech is rather broken sometimes they won’t understand what is said to them due to a lack of translation. But, that doesn't mean these Semper Morts aren't intelligent.

As they learned the language and began to understand the customs of this new world... the hunts slowly stopped. Instead, they started offering mercenary services and protection. Their price? Blood.

This is where their name “The Survivors” came from. To serve as a constant reminder for those that were lost in the awakening, and those lost in their path to new lives.

The Survivors take a great liking and sympathy to other Semper Morts, always treating them with more kindness and respect than other strains. But, if you're not a Semper Mort, they’re willing to strike a deal for business if you’ve got enough blood to spare.


The Survivors are constantly moving, and therefore you will be unable to visit them on NPC shifts unless you have the Secret Society: The Survivors. This society will represent your knowledge of their travel paths, and plans of where to set up camp.

If you are interested in joining (or creating a character) from this family you must be a Semper Mort.