The Origin of The Steel City of Eerie

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The last we heard from the Snakes Bend area a disease had spread throughout the inhabitants. Due to the bravery and dog'eared determination of its residents the spread of the Blood worms was halted.

〣ʊ⍶⍨ 〆⍨ σΞ ⍶σ

However, in the coming months that disease had mutated in the surrounding population and began to spread. Towns started to disappear and people were left to avoid this new disease at all costs. Roads, buildings, and production areas were left in such a state that towns had fallen off the map. Trade had all but ceased. Those who survived… left.

〣〆〴〴 ⍎〆⍨Ξ ⍶ɔ: ⍶ 〆⊟

Rumor has it this disease was the source of the Hunger plague that traveled south to Eden and to the very edges of the Frozen North. We have the local towns members of Eerie to thank for the eradication of this disease. Not only have they rid the world of Famine, the creator of the worms, but they poisoned all of his Hunger Eggs to end the plagues terror.

Each day as their group was increased by those they encountered on their journey twice as many disappeared or were lost to exposure, starvation, dehydration, and raider attacks. A group named Arisbur sprung from the dust by creating a business offering safety and trading. It came at a high cost that created the choice in this world.

⍨ʊΞ ɔ:⍎⍶﹍Ξ⊞〆⊟σ 〆⍨ ⊡﹎⍎⍨

Owe your entire life to them, or die.

North of Arisbur, a group of Rover families settled in what was once Natural One Territory, owned by a tribe named the Shatterstone. They brought forth a new and promising land full of fertile soil, safety precautions, and even a working radio station.

⍒⍨≜〴﹎⊞ 〣〆〴〴 Σ⍶〴〴

The neighboring factions were nothing if not accommodating to this newfound population. Exhausted and completely out of supplies, the survivors voted to stop traveling and settle down. Regardless of what happened to the previous residents here, they decided that this time they were going to get it right.

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Now, with most of the Rover families dead or gone, we begin a new chapter of Eerie. The Shatterstone Tribe is back and hosting us under the terms of a Rover Deal and peace treaty.

Impressing Natural Ones enough to have them consider you an equal, or even a tribe member, is hard.

〣Ξ 〣〆〴〴 ⍨⍶ ▸Ξ

The Lab of Lost Knowledge has posted up next door to the only surviving Rover family - The Trubers. They work together to maintain the farmland for the production of tomatoes and good hunting land.

⍨ʊΞ⊞ ⍶〴〴

Other than that we’ve met the Survivors, a group of blood crazed Semper Morts who use their hunger for flesh as a means for business. You’re welcome to all they have to offer, so long as you allow them to feed on you.

Finally, the TPK clan. A brand of wild DJs who will stop at nothing to have a wild party, more numbers, and working Trade Routes.

So, where is your place in Eerie?