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The Shatter Stone are a Natural One tribe that hates anything to do with Psions or direct dealings with the Gravemind. While faith does exist within their tribe, they claim no religions as a standard.

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Shatter Stones were the original settlers of this land. If you're out scrounging there is a good chance you will find trees in the forest that have the heights of their children etched into them. Their leaders are fierce and their numbers are seemingly unyielding. While the act of their wars might be terrifying, there is still a tribe of people that remain behind their walls. Mothers and Fathers raise their babies, children fight and play with wooden sticks, and teenagers learn to cull the land for survival.

Upon their return to the land, they have taken up an old overrun Cathedral to the North of Eerie. The only people who were here before the Shatter Stones were The Drowned and The Mayor of Eerie - but they never had any issues with one another.

The Drowned kept their secrets of the Grave on their island and respected that it was never allowed to come off of their island. In return for council and defensive services from the Drowned, the Shatter Stones have offered them the bodies of their dead before they sink a final time. Whatever the Drowned are doing is keeping their loved ones out of the cycle of the Gravemind and that is all the Shatter Stones care about.

They take great pride in the fact that, even though they flourish as a tribe, they do not empower the Gravemind’s armies.

They are lead by Mercy Shatter Stone, a G-Man who works with local Purebloods and Rovers, allowing them to live on their land and use their protection on the condition they provide a monthly tribute to them. Mercy’s second in command, a mysterious and unnamed woman, is a Mind Killer who upholds a law of no Psions being allowed on their land.

The Trubers give them tomatoes.

The Survivors give them meat.

The Lab of Lost Knowledge gives them machines to guard their walls.

The Turn Pike Clan offers scraps for trade. But, as they do not reside on Shatter Stone land, they are not required to give a tribute.

In regards to the town of Eerie:

They have made a Rover deal with the members of Eerie during the negotiations of the most recent war. In return for the Shatter Stones pulling back their armies and allowing the settlement of Eerie to remain on their land -  the town agreed to pay a one-time tribute of 100 Jacks and a remaining treaty that:

No Psions will ever enter their private land in the Cathedral, and they will never be tricked into helping a Psion. If they are tricked into either of those situations the Shatter Stones will send the Psions head back into town without repercussions. If they are unsuccessful in doing so they will demand the head of the psion be sent to them as the only means of considering their treaty not broken.

Shatter Stones agree to not hunt, nor hurt, any existing Psions in the settlement of Eerie so long as they stick to their respected land.

Furthermore, the town agreed to send the 3 heads of the leaders of the Lascarian Tribe underground as a final tribute. Since the town was successful in doing so, the Shatter Stones will now treat the town of Eerie as equals. This has satisfied their Zenophobia as the town has earned the Shatter Stones' respect and unwavering loyalty through proof of their strength.


You may not visit the Shatter Stone Tribe on your NPC shift unless you have the Secret Society: Shatter Stones or invitation from Mercy or his Second. Attempts to do so will result in your PC being turned away at the wall by Shatter Stone guards.

If you are interested in joining or creating a character from this family you must be a Natural One, Lascarian or Semper Mort.