The Confines


Rovers have made this a stop for those heading east to Haven or Eden, there’s not much to work with here due to the steep mountains of the area, they, however, have made the stop one of games of chance for all that stay in town and is their primary means of collecting money to keep the buildings in good repair.

All games of chance that are held can request a local NPC to check the sleeves of those playing as long as the house gets its cut.

If enough games are held the leader of The Confines might be convinced to leave his office to sell some wares, however they might not be the most upstanding of citizens.


The Confines are controlled by a Montebank named Marcellous. He has a few rules when it comes to visiting his Casino:

  1. You may cheat your friends and strangers, you may not cheat the house. If caught cheating against a house member you will be relieved of all limbs.

  2. “The House” are all people, animals, and product of the like that belong to Marcellous R.

  3. The Rockies, living in the mountains of The Confines, are family. They are also treated as “The House.”

  4. Do not steal or destroy property of the house.

  5. Do not kill members of the house.

  6. No blood on the Casino’s Floor. Don’t fuck up my home. If you’re going to kill something, kill them outside.

The Confines do not have a Judge or Jury, only an executioner. All of their laws, sans the first, are punishable by death.