STrain Requirements

The Solestros have a worldly appearance to them. Solestros tend to have an appearance appropriate for hard working merchant or upper middle class. While not as flamboyant as their Pure Blood ancestry, the Solestros are still well-dressed. They wear well-tailored survival gear made from enduring materials and visually appear to almost be a hybrid between the fashion senses of the Pure Bloods while keeping some of the utilitarian approach of the Baywalkers. Solestros are not afraid to get their hands dirty and work hard, so their clothes are very much defines by their related professions.

Solestros speak pleasantly, are an earnest people, and overall tent to put the health and survival of a community over their own personal wealth. Solestros are leaders who tent to lead by example instead of leading from afar. Due to this tendency for hands-on interaction, Solestros have a difficulty time organizing their networks and ties beyond the local community.

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