Strain Requirements

All Retrogrades have skeletal features, sunken faces, and even mottled, corpse-like skin. To avoid getting shot due to being mistaken for a zombie, Retrogrades have taken to wearing a variety of masks, often painting them as a sort of second face. Gas masks, opera masks, elaborate veils, hockey masks, archaic helmets, surgical masks, wrapped scarves, rebreathers – the choices are nearly endless, and often reflect the personality and history of the individual Retrograde more than they might believe. Unmasked Retrogrades must use some form of makeup, facial prosthetic and/or skeletal mask to show their zombie-like appearance. There should be no question that an unmasked Retrograde has a clearly damaged, corpselike face; many will use similar makeup on exposed skin as well (though this is not required).


Using bruise wheel makeup is the perfect way to get the rotted effect you need without having to use things like liquid latex if you aren’t particularly skilled at makeup or allergic. Smear the different colors around your skin, blend them in, and you’re good!

Make sure you remove all of your makeup before sleeping each night and re-apply in the morning. Keep your skin healthier this way.

Masks are a perfect alternative for people who can’t wear makeup of any sorts. You can find rotted masks on Amazon, or even bandannas/etc to go for the “covering my face” look instead.

Costuming inspiration!