Strain Requirements

Remnants do not have a single form of dress, appearance, or social structure that sets them apart from the crowd, other than the fact that they do not adhere to the appearance of the majority Strains. Remnants are known to have mild mutations in regards to physical appearance, with certain physical aspects becoming more pronounced. In addition new physical growths sometimes occur such as small horns, mild skin discoloration, unique social quirks, and mental abnormalities. Rare social origins, extreme mutations and other cosmetic aspects for your character require staff approval before arrival at game.

As a whole, Remnants can be as eccentric or plain as you can imagine- however they cannot imitate unique physical quirks of other strains. Remnants cannot have the glow of an Iron Slave, rotted appearance of a Retrograde, light sensitivity of a Lascarian, or the visual apparitions of a faith of a veteran Accensor.

Costume Inspirations!