Strain Requirements!

Those born of the Red Star are as deadly as the reaping scythe and as hard as the hammer that crosses it. They prefer dark, modest clothes that do not show much skin or accent their figure, almost exclusively in red and black. (Military olive drab sometimes appears when large amounts of black would be impractical, such as hot summer months.) Those of the Red Star tend to speak very directly and expect the same honesty in return, giving them a reputation as a stern, humorless people. In truth, away from the eyes of outsiders they can be as warm and effusive as any other Strain, but only to other Red Star.

Red Star live in small communes, sharing all property with their cell members and reaching decisions as a group. Individual leaders are chosen only when absolutely necessary, and are expected to step down once the current crisis passes. Red Star do not believe in independent marriage, and instead are considered collectively “wed” to all other eligible members of their cell. This is not a hedonistic arrangement, but simple practicality – Red Star see the jealousy and interpersonal rivalries that accompany exclusive romantic relationships as poisonous to the overall solidarity of the cell. Red Star do not follow these guidelines out of choice, but instead are a requirement of every Red Star.

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