Strain Requirements!

Reclaimers are born with a sever discoloration and warping of their arms. From shoulder to finger tips the Reclaimers arms are mottled deep crimson in color. The flesh of the arms i packed as the upper most layers of the skin pull open, leaving a torn net of pocked leathery flesh and muscle. Makeup and costuming is required if exposed, or, gloves worn must go from the bicep to the finger tips to cover this area.

Due to the extended musculature of the back and shoulders of the Reclaimer, the strain tends to stand perfectly upright without slouching or leaning. Strain and exhaustion tends to find itself primarily in the back, shoulders, and legs of the Reclaimers due to their unique musculature. To combat the long term tiring of their back and torso, often times Reclaimer laborers bind themselves in belying and corseting that supports the back and shoulders.

Costume Inspirations!