New Player resources


Welcome New Player! Here we've linked a few sites for you to become familiar with larping and our game! First we have a New Player Guide and the Link to the Rule Book!

Once you feel you have a good grasp of the rules and hopefully our FAQ answered most of your questions, secondly we have a few links for weapons and costume creation!

New Players Guide!

If you'd like to Download a copy of our Rulebook it's free! Just go to Drivethru and Download a copy of the PDF.

IF you'd like a physical copy you can buy one at an event if they are in stock or order one online anytime.



Weapon Creation and Costuming!

New up we have a few resources here for weapon and costume help. There countless websites also online to help with weapon creation or just purchasing one.

hrown Weapon Creation Guide!

Armor Creation Guide!

Weapon Creation Guide, making a Basic Boffer Weapon (Video)!Advanced Weapon Creation Guide, Making a Serious Boffer! (Video)!Costume Questions and Info! / Tips of Distressing Costumes (Video)!