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Science will never die, and these people will never stop trying to find ways to make life that much better in the Wastelands.

During the Shatter Stone war, the fires caused the radiation fields to explode which eradicated the Labor Radicals Commune and all of their people. The Lab of Lost Knowledge, who were on their way to settling in Eerie anyway, took this opportunity to take over the lands that were still rich in radiation.

They struck a deal with the Truber family that they would harvest as many Glowing Green Rods as the Trubers would need to make the land fertile for farming - so long as they allowed them to stay on this land without conflict. Neither group agrees with the lifestyle of the other, but they have agreed to live mutually so long as their peace treaty is upheld.

The Lab of Lost Knowledge is lead by Professor Caldwell, an esteemed scientist and Free Radical of the Church of Darwin. He is currently in his trials to become a Techno Savant and looking for the help of Scientists, Darwins, and Teachers alike to help the progression of his experiments and trials.

While a little crazy, Professor Caldwell is a kind man who is always welcoming of any people that wish to witness his work. But, he does not take kindly to surprise guests. When he is not expecting to have company they tend to distract him from his work more than they help. Instead, he will come to town when he is on the brink of a new discovery to extend an offer to the people who wish to witness his great discoveries. Of course, if you ever have an idea in mind he always accepts mail from citizens to schedule meetings.


You may visit the Lab of Lost Knowledge during your NPC shift if you have Secret Society: Lab of Lost Knowledge.

You may create a character with background ties to this NPC faction. They can be any strain, so long as they are a Darwin (or pursuing the same ideals of a Darwin or a Scientist).