Production in the region while struggling, has managed to produce a few Unique Items in this wasteland

Dystopia Glass Better.jpg


Aside from Steel, this scrap is the lifeblood of the area. It is extremely easy to clean blood off of a glass container, and though the material is fragile it is also sharp, making it useful in weaponry. 

Tomatos pile.jpg

High Acid Tomatoes

Rumor has it this Herb was Coached back to life from a single seed, while currently there isn't much use for it besides the occasional Stew, Cooks in the Area are eager to get their hands on a new Ingredient


Discovery of Blood Stones and Nickel

Seems there has been a history of large deposits of Blood Stone and Nickel found in the Steel City Area. You can expect to find them with at least some what regular frequency in this area of the world.



Boar-Goat Corpse

You can find Boar-Goat Corpse during the fall here in Dystopia Rising Harrisburg.