Strain Requirements

All Natural Ones must have a prominent tribal society mark, including but not limited to such elements as prominent tattoos, scarification, body paint, use of particular colors, clothing styles, trophies, etc. It is also very common for tribal members to display unique accents, slang terminology, or religious views as further means of establishing their identity. Tribal society marks are not subtle at all, by design– they are intended to clearly identify an individual as part of a greater whole, and are a source of great pride to members. Insulting a tribal society mark is a fast way to earn a dire enemy, if not immediately result in drawn blood. Players should work with staff and other members of their tribe to design an appropriately vivid tribal society mark that is unique to their tribe.


Natural Ones are NOT Native American. Do not wear Native inspired costuming, head dresses, etc. Instead, Natural Ones are more so the type of strain that learned to survive in whatever are they bunkered down in. Sure, there are Natural Ones who bunkered in forests, but there are also ones that bunkered in Trash Dumps, collapsed malls, parking garages, etc. We’ve seen Natural Ones decked out in tye-dye clothing because they came from a tribe that was based out of a mall JUST like we’ve seen Natural Ones decked out in plastic bottles because they came from a Trash Dump. Be inspired!

Costuming inspirations!