Strain Requirements

Members of the Nation of Accensor dress in utilitarian clothes –often with a religious theme or ornamentation– follow strict moral codes, and abide by the letter of the law of their faiths at all times. As they progress along their path, their deep connection with their faith causes them to gradually lose their connection with ordinary people, and they slowly become more alien in both thought and appearance. Once a member of the Nation achieves one hundred Experience Points expended on their sheet, that individual appears more and more ‘inhuman’ and unearthly in appearance, which must be represented with suitable costuming and makeup. These inhuman traits should be restricted to variations of the flesh, sprouting new growths, and keeping to more organic and visceral physical changes.


Have fun with it! Each NOA, regardless of faith, is different in their own right. If you want to do something cool with your costuming, have at it! If you have concerns that it may not be genre for a Dystopia Rising event, reach out to your Visual Design Guide (on the contact page) for some help!

Costuming inspiration!