Strain Requirements:

MERICA! Love it or get run down. Merican men and women love blue jeans, cowboy hats, attitude, tall boots, big belt buckles, and gun belts with lots of firearms. Social animals in every sense of the term, Mericans are never more than a few paces from a bottle or someone attractive to share it with. They have a natural distrust of authority, especially if it isn’t another Merican in charge,and tend to mock anyone in elegant or fancy attire.


It doesn’t need to be an American flag to be red, white, and blue. If you can’t find American flags to genre feel free to mix it up with fabric paints, makeup, and colored fabrics!

Denim, flannel, etc are your friends! Remember to keep it light when you’re in hotter chapters!

Cowboy hats, trucker hats, etc, are a perfect addition to your costuming if you’re looking to keep your head warm (or fly!).

Costuming inspiration