Iron Slaves

Strain Requirements!

All Iron Slaves have scars, brands, and property tattoos in visible locations on their body that mark them as property somewhere. Iron Slaves tent to dress in heavy clothing, preferring styles that are utilitarian and also allow them to be inconspicuous- as much as they can be, anyway. Every Iron Slave also has a unique quirk that becomes noticeable in the early afternoon through until late morning- they emit a red glow. Iron Slave players are required to have red illumination at least as bright as a large glow stick at each wrist, each ankle, and the neck. This glow must penetrate cloth, and be visible at a distance.


Red, bendable glow sticks are perfect for your first-time testing a character. There’s no need to invest in LED wristbands and collars until you’re sure this is the type of character you wish to play.

Liquid collodion can be found on Amazon and is perfect for sunken in scar effects!

Costume inspirations!