Welcome to Dystopia Rising Harrisburg,

We are your allies.

You will not be erased.

Dystopia Rising, as a whole, is an all-inclusive LARP. The Dystopia Rising Network is a community that games; not a gaming community. We accept, protect, and love all the people of our community. Judgment, mistreatment, harassment, and the likes are not tolerated when they are based on things like religion, race, gender identity, sexuality, and so on.

Here at Dystopia Rising Harrisburg we want to do everything that we can to make sure that you know that not only can you find an ally in us, but we are here to support you in every way that we can.

That’s why we’ve started the “A Helping Hand” project. Here’s how it works.

Are you someone who has clothes, unused makeup, binders, bras, accessories, and the likes? If so, we ask that you bring your clean products to one of our events and drop it off to a local event runner.

Are you someone who needs clothes, unused makeup, binders, bras, accessories, and the likes? Fill out this form below. The e-mail will find its way to us and we will take note of the items you’ve requested.

From there we take the donated items from the first group and pass them out as care packages to the second group. All of your information will be held entirely private. We will never disclose your private information to anyone. These packages will be delivered as discretely as possible.

We understand how hard this journey can be. Whatever the reason may be that you can’t have these items available to you, fret not. Let us have your back.

Ever forward, zombies.

-Dystopia Rising Harrisburg

Having trouble getting started?

Here are a collection of links we have found that will help you if you are at the start of your journey. By clicking the title of the foundation it will take you directly to their website!

Trans Youth Equality Foundation

“The Trans Youth Equality Foundation provides education, advocacy and support for transgender and gender non-conforming children and youth and their families. Our mission is to share information about the unique needs of this community, partnering with families, educators and service providers to help foster a healthy, caring, and safe environment for all transgender children.”

Gender Diversity

“Gender Diversity increases the awareness and understanding of the wide range of gender diversity in children, adolescents, and adults by providing family support, building community, increasing societal awareness, and improving the well-being for people of all gender identities and expressions.”

Gender Spectrum

Gender Spectrum provides a BOATLOAD of information, how-to guides, and support for: Mental Health, Parents & Family, Medical, Education, Teens, Legal, Social Services, and Faith. If you find yourself in need of any information regarding the following topics, this website has plenty for you.

7 Things you should know before buying your first binder

Be safe! This article helps you learn all the dos and don’ts of buying your first binder and how to size yourself properly!

Tips on buying your first bra

Be safe! This article helps you learn all the weird mechanics of a bra, how to size yourself properly, and what companies offer the best types of bras for the trans community. Be sure to check out the comment section as well! Plenty of users have added their own personal recommendations as well.

Fill out this form if you’re in need of a donation!

Name *
You don't need to give us any personal information. We don't need to know the status of anything in order for you to request clothes, binders, makeup, etc. Providing your name, player number, address, and email is STRICTLY for US to use so we can contact you about where to deliver the items if we are able to get our hands on them. We will never disclose private information of yours to anyone. You are safe with us.

Frequently asked Questions!

Got a question that isn’t answered below? Use the form above to request information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

What if I am not local to DRPA?

A: We care that you have access to the things you need to feel comfortable in your body. Anyone, from any chapter, can be someone who donates or receives a care package. We only ask that, if it is a donation, you have a fellow member who is visiting our chapter deliver it in person or have it mailed to us.

I need to mail it to you, what is the address we can use?

A: Send an e-mail to DRPAStoryTelling@gmail.com and we'll give you the address to our home, as opposed to posting it publically on Facebook.

I'm not local and I would need my care package mailed to me, but my caretakers/roommates don't respect the privacy of my mail.

A: We're more than happy to deliver the package to a consenting middleperson of your choosing.

I requested something and its a thing that has not been donated yet. What happens?

A: At the start of every month we will post an Amazon Wishlist for items requested by people who don't have access to these resources. The Wishlist will only be posted if we DON'T have the items needed.

What kind of things can I donate?

A: Literally anything. Unused makeup, jewelry, scarves, clothes, binders, bras, etc. Anything that any person starting this journey would need to get started. We ask that the items donated are gently used and clean before being donated.

What happens if the items I donated are in a condition where they can't be put into a care package?

A: We'll get into contact with the donator to let them know why we can't use the donation and see what they want us to do with the items going forward. 

I'm too nervous to put in an e-mail, but I definitely have things I need.

A: Don't do anything you're not comfortable with. If you prefer to talk to someone at an event you can find any one of your local event runners and they will point you in the right direction of who to talk to. We're here for you and nothing is more important to us than your mental and physical health. The website has resources linked on the Helping Hand page to get you in contact with all the advice and help (most even free!) from professionals that you need and it's JUST as confidential.