FAQ (Raccoon Creek State Park, Camp 2)



How Many Beds are there? 

The Site Accommodates 130 Players, 

Can I use Bird Seed Packets?

Bird seed packets are not allowed by our camp site. we are ask that players make packets containing biodegradable airsoft pellets. We Will have A large amount of Packets to trade players for their Bird Seed Packets which will use at either our Virginia Game or our Future Winter site!

Can I cook my own food?

The Kitchen will be open!

Bedding Areas?

The cabins are two or four man cabins with beds that are wire springs or plywood boards with NO MATTRESSES. There is a large building in each group of Cabins That has a large amount of Floor Space but Ideally we'd like to keep those for Ingame Groups to set up areas of operation! Each Cabin has 1 Electrical Outlet if needed!

Medical Sleep?

We will have designated Sleeping Areas that will have Both a Sign on the Door and Caution Tape Around the Entrance to Warn people that this buildings should not be attacked by NPC's!

There is Absolutely NO Tenting Allowed!

They do this because

1. It's a state park and they are preserving the environment

2. They have a set number of Facilties for campers allowed and tenting potentially allows people to exceed that number!


Yes you are in the woods, there are animals, don't keep open food out in your cabin and you should be fine if you encounter any! If you see a Bear or a Snake Please don't engage the animal please find a Director! Please Also make sure to check yourself for Ticks!