These texts will serve as IN GAME information you can use freely as your character. The pages will be physrepped as a book within the bar of DR: PA for anyone to read.

The updates serve as general recaps for the most recent event, told to you by a Local Post Walker.

The newest chapter will always be placed at the top of this page. The further you go down, the older the event recap will be.

If there is a month without an update it means that, for whatever reason, Postman Chester was unable to update the book. Look into why at our next event!

Game of 2/8/2019

Building home.

Postman Chester has taken his leave to return to the Trade Union. “The Public Works” have assumed responsibility of the Post Office. I have assumed the responsibility of updating Postman Chester’s journal for the people of Eerie.

Hello, people of Harrisbug, I am Ivan. I used to be a Post Master for the Trade Union and have recently stepped down so that I could continue caring for the people of this settlement that I have grown invested in. As the Trade Union sets back into their roots I will remain in the area to look after the Public Works. They have collectively agreed, due to my experience in running the Post Office and my knowledge of the area, that I would be perfect for leading their local establishment.

Now that we’re past introductions let’s get right into what you have missed.

At the meeting of 12 Knots it was voted that Mind Killers and Fallow Hopes who are set on removing Psions by the means of eradication are banned from all settlements. The people of Eerie met with the Mind Killer of the Shatter Stone tribe and decided to maintain their treaty. This was due to the fact that Mercy’s Second agreed to not hunt Psions on their land.

The Drowned Market has made their cruel intentions known. They were discovered to be kidnapping people in the night, mostly Unborn and Full Dead, to experiment on. What they were trying to achieve with these experiments is still unknown, but the people who find themselves in their crutches also find themselves shambling as a Zed by their families.

Arisbur, a faction residing in the local area of Harisburg, was believed to be working with the Drowned Market by supplying them information for travelers. The settlement of Eerie decided to eradicate their people, take over their land, and claim it as their own.

These actions attracted the attention of The Brandywine family, a local family of Rovers who make it their priority to maintain some sort of order in these wastelands. The family sent in a representative to let the settlement of Eerie know what they were being accused of and attempt to settle the grievances of all parties involved. This meeting was left without a result so that all parties could consult with one another for the best ending for all. When a settlement is decided the Brandywine family will return to ensure all people are satisfied.

I’m sorry my updates are so vague. It’s been so long since Chester has made an update to this I fear much is being left unsaid. There are refugees who need my attention and Public Works I need to look over. Please forgive me for leaving this so open-ended and not as informative.

I promise, going forward, I will make a priority to update this journal as often as I can. Hopefully I will be able to explain in further details the series of events that transpired as updates are needed.

Ivan, Public Works Organizer.

Game of 6/18/2018 - The second game.

Fixing a broken land.

The war a few months back with the Shatterstone tribe apparently caused the radiation fields that used to be run by the FLR Commune to explode. They all fell as casualties to the fire, and a new group of people named the Lab of Lost Knowledge has moved in. Right next to the fields, that are still filled with radiation, the Truber family has relocated their farm to. While the Lab of Lost Knowledge has no ill will towards the Trubers, the Trubers have deep concerns about them. This is mostly due to the fact the Trubers hate science, evolution, and anything that doesn’t train it’s people through hard work, sweat and blood. But, they have agreed to a treaty. The Lab will provide for the Trubers by maintaining the radiation levels of their farm for their crops to safely grow and, in return, the Trubers will provide the Lab with food.

Unfortunately, due to the explosion and destruction, the radiation levels were far too out of whack and absolutely overrun with radioactive Zed. The Trubers called on the townsfolk to help them fix their lands. The Lab created a concoction that would help with the radiation but they needed fighters for the Zed, and farmers to lay out the new fertilizer.

The town rallied together and successfully cleared the land of Zed and fixed the radiation problem. As a thank you, the Trubers said they would bring in plots of their land during the next trade for the people to farm from as a reward for their help. They think farming on their land might yield some…. interesting benefits.

Doctor Bell was also successful at dropping a morgue with the help of the town. Looks like it lured out the attention of someone, however. Local leader of the Lascarians, the unnamed Thought Bender, was killed. He attempted to have words with the Dark Water Rangers but the local townsfolk stuck to their end of their Rover Deal and made sure he was taken care of before he could escape. They successfully send his head to Mercy Shatterstone.

Other than that, there was another town meeting. Here they voted they would keep the buisness of Doctor Bell, but another vote would be held at another time. They also put in their votes for who would be their Mantles at 12 Knots. Looks like locals by the following names will be representing your town:

  • Sand

  • TC

  • Rations

  • Duncan

  • JoJo

  • Gemma

  • Rocketship

  • Dodger

The last and final bit of information… It looks like there’s a new type of Zed showing up that are being called the “Eerie Tremors.” I’m not sure what gave them that name but, judging by the unique Maker’s Mark they found on them, we know they’re definitely Engineered Zed. The Maker’s Mark does not match those used by The Maker or Enoch Rhymes.

Postman Chester, signing out for your report of Eerie news.

Be excellent to each other.

Game of 5/18/2018

The siege.

Years ago the Shatterstones inhabited this land peacefully with the Drowned Market, Doctor Bell, Harold Von Brooke, and the Lascarians underground. They believed the Lascarians to be a friendly tribe as they remained in their tunnels and only came up to deliver boxes of miscellaneous goods and meats. The unspoken treaty the Shatterstones believed to be upheld was the Lascarians protected them from underground, just as they would protect the Lascarians from above ground. The Drowned were always silent allies, only coming out once a year for their Market - and asking the Shatterstones for their dead. The tribe never knew what happened to their dead but, knowing they never saw their family members as Zed was enough to have them understand they were not feeding the Gravemind’s armies, and so they continued sending the people. One day, however, the Lascarians came at the Shatterstones in full force of battle. Being unprepared, and still hearing the war cries of more of the underground who hadn’t surfaced, they retreated their land. They barricaded Harold in a tower, warned the Market and Doctor Bell, and were on their way.

Years later, upon seeing the Rovers, and the new settlers inhabiting their land, they believed the Lascarians to be dead and returned to take what was rightfully theirs. The Shatterstone tribe came back to reclaim the land, and they came in forces strong enough to put the town under siege. This terrified the local Postmen and their Postmaster, Ivan. In the attempts to end the battle with no more bloodshed, the town called for a negotiation meeting with the leader of the tribe.

The Shatterstones originally rejected the offer. But, when they went to kill the Moroe family and found them to already be taken out and burned to death by the Lascarians, the Shatterstones saved the Truber family from the same fate and notified the Postmen they would be coming in to discuss the treaty. This was purely because they realized the threat that made them run was still around.

It was here they met Mercy Shatterstone, and a mysterious woman who refused to give her name as Mercy’s Second in command, who gave them the full story of their past.

The town was successful in creating a Radio Tower in the center of the town. It can not broadcast voice, song, or stations, but is able to play a siren. Should Harold Von Brooke ever see a massive threat coming to the town he will play the siren to warn the town.

The deal was the town would give them a tribute of One Hundred Jacks now, Kill the 3 leaders of the Lascarians (one being a Thought Bender) and send their heads to Mercy. This part of the deal will earn the Shatterstone’s undying loyalty and respect. And, in respects to their beliefs, the second part of the deal went as follows:

No Psion will ever be allowed on Shatterstone territory. If a psion ever enters the Shatterstones home their head will be sent back. If they are incapable of taking the head from the psion, they expect the town to send it to them instead.

No Psion will ever be helped, or traded with, in any way by the Shtatterstones. If the Shatterstones are ever tricked, or ill-informed, about helping a psion they will take their head. If they are incapable of taking the head from the psion, they expect the town to send it to them instead.

Shatterstones will never hunt psions on the settlement's territory, even if we enter said territory. Unless a psion was to trick, attack, or break the other two points of this deal, they are safe within your borders.

Postman Chester, signing out for your report of Eerie news.

Be excellent to each other.

Game of 6/18/2018 - The first game.

The tunnels.

The Shatterstone tribe found, and secured, a tunnel that would serve as access to the Lascarians home. Since the Rover Deal made the previous month was for the town to prove themselves, they did not excavate the tunnel in hopes the town would prove their strength by doing it themselves.

Town members went underground, in teams of ten, to attempt to take out the Lascarians. What they found instead were insane puzzles, few real Lascarians, and a whole lot of My Little Friends (See rulebook under Thought Bender skills.) What more? There were intricate puzzles that required blood, psions, and a full sacrifice, to complete. After solving all of this they lured 2 of the Lascarian leaders out, neither were the Thought Bender. As the town killed these two leaders right in front of Mercy, who was visiting at the time, he waved their need to send their heads. He saw it happen and it was enough for him.

Outside of war, the Truber family opened up their homes for the town to come and see their water springs. Every Sunday, of every hot month, the Trubers will allow townsfolk to come swim in their water to cool off from the hot weather.

Lastly, the town held a meeting on Saturday night that local town members Sand and Gail appeared to be leading. They discussed the town come up with defense plans as well as selected town members to make friends with local factions and act as contacts towards these people. Let it be known that, regardless of who is chosen, anyone can still join or visit these factions if you play your cards right.

Postman Chester, signing out for your report of Eerie news.

Be excellent to each other.