Directors Dystopia Rising: PIttsburgh

If you need to speak to someone at the event or between events, Here's who we are and what we do!


Event coordination:

Steven Myer - He/Him

The Man who books our events!

Steve is responsible for site management! He makes sure sites are booked, we get where we need to get going, and that everything we need to run the event finds it’s way there! If you have a question about an upcoming event you can email the Coordination or Story Telling email- as Steve has his eyes on both!

Need accommodations for a disability, questions about medical sleep, etc? Steve’s your guy!



Logistics Coordination:

Anthony HIll - He/Him

Database, The website, training Marshals, item Cards.

If it's not Plot, It's my Job to make sure the world goes round.

So if you need something along those lines. I'm your guy!


Storytelling and Visual Design

Gerry Marra - He/Him

Plot, world building, and concept design!

Gerry is another one of our writers for Dystopia Rising Harrisburg and works directly with Essa to coordinate, build, and design the world you play in. If you have any questions or feedback for Gerry, send it over to our story telling email!

Personal Plot Requests

Maeve Agreste - She/Her

All of your Personal Plot Request needs! Maeve is one of our story designs and she works directly with Essa to handle all of the personal plot requests for the chapter. Personal Plot Requests are submitted via the form under the “Contact” tab. They are viewed by Essa who then forwards the request to Maeve. From there, Maeve will process all requests and contact you for questions that may be needed!


New Player Marshal

Kali Baker - She/Her

Are you new to larping as a whole, or just new to the Dystopia Rising universe? Kali is the one you go to! She’s here to help you build characters, understand mechanics, and get you started in the world of Dystopia Rising. There’s more information on Kali under the “Your New Player Marshal” under the “New Players read first!” tab of our website. You can contact Kali by emailing the Story Telling email or by our official Facebook page