We are a community that games,

Not a gaming community.

Our team at Dystopia Rising would like to thank you for being a part of our continuously growing neighborhood of larp communities. In our efforts to prove a positive and engaging community of games and gamers, we have put together this set of Community Guidelines to give all members the tools needed to make our games the best they can be.

The Guidelines have and will continue to evolve as our knowledge and experience base grows.



The Dystopia Rising LARP Network is a neighborhood of communities that are based on a core of inclusivity and a welcoming environment. This means that we have created guidelines and policies to serve each local community as best as possible, without sacrificing the enjoyment of the individual. It is out responsibility as communities in Dystopia Rising-related places to uphold a policy of a safer space.

Safe(r) spaces are places and groups that can help to shape a culture that is accepting of all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or any other difference.

We choose to say “Safer” Space rather than “safe space” because we acknowledge that no space is entirely “safe” for everyone. We believe that Safe(r) Spaces are inviting, engaging, and supportive environments in which all people fell comfortable behaving genuinely. It is important that Dystopia Rising organizers, volunteers, and participants listen carefully to raised experiences and act on what they hear.

Participants have different communication styles, personalities and options, and come from diverse gender, racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. In order to foster this kind of temporary community space, people must respect others and actively look out for the well-being of all those attending this space.

Supporting the most vulnerable members of our community is one of our goals. This is why we define safe(r) space as a space that is encouraging for people who have been made uncomfortable at other events due to racism, sexism, physical and sexual assault, etc.

As a privately-owned series of companies, we reserve the right to refuse entry to any participant who shows themselves to be unsafe, abusive or otherwise detrimental to the event(s) being run or the community as a whole. This may include removal from events, removal from online social groups or removal from non-game social events. These choices are at the discretion of the local business owner and should be made in compliance with state and federal law. All participants are held to the same standards and guidelines, regardless of status or role in the staffing of an event, from brand new player to Director.

Dystopia Rising and its partners have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of any kind. Harassment is defined, for the purposes of these guidelines as follows: Stalking, physical or verbal intimidation, verbal comments that denigrate individuals, based upon any of the aspects listed below, physical assault and/or batter, harassing or non-consensual photography or recording, bathroom policing, inappropriate physical contact or proximity, unwelcome physical attention, body policing, including gender policing in all bathrooms, non-consensual sexual acts or attention, verbal or physical, either in or out of character in relation to, but not limited to: Race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, age, body size, physical ability or restrictions, appearance, religion, citizenship, pregnancy, socioeconomic status.


The topic and realm of sexual assault and harassment are specifically banned from all Dystopia Rising and any other affiliated events both in and out of character. There is no instance in which a plot of module will touch on this topics and any use of it is strictly forbidden within the game running rules and guidelines.

Likewise, during any and all player interactions, either in character or out, at no time should sexual assault be used, mentioned, alluded to, suggested, paraphrased or highlighted. Violations of this rule will be dealt with harshly and the offender likely removed from the event. Repeat offenders will not be welcome at any event, within the specific game in which the violation occurs, as well as any and all affiliated company events.

While the above harassment list is treated with equal weight, the decision was made along ago to add an extra layer for this topic specifically and we thank all players for abiding by this ruling.


Consent is essential to Safe(r) Space. Consent is two (or more) people deciding together to do the same thing, at the same time, in the same way with each other - whether it’s physical, verbal, or sexual. It is the presence of a “yes”, not the absence of a “no.” For the duration of an event, consent is defined as clearly asked question followed by a clearly stated “yes.”


When attending a Dystopia Rising event, attendants are expected to conduct themselves in a way that best represents the network as a whole. To ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of what is the minimum of acceptable behavior, we have provided a list of Member Guidelines that should be followed at all events.

It is the responsibility of the Directors of each individual branch to enforce and uphold the conduct standards within their local gaming community. In the instance that a local Director has not addressed issues that have occurred, members may contact the Dystopia Rising LARP Network home office via the Dystopia Rising LARP Network home page. Any issues that have occurred at a local level must be first brought to the attention of a local Director.

In the instance that issues brought to the parent office of the Dystopia Rising LARP Network potentially involve situations that involve illegal activity, the Dystopia Rising LARP Network will immediately contact the local authorities and put the authorities in contact with the individual issuing the complaint as well as the local branch Directors whos event this directly relates to.

Our membership Guidelines apply at any event that is being officially hosted or advertised as a Branch or Dystopia Rising LARP Network event. We have no intent to give you direction in regard to how to live your personal life. While we would hope that you would live your life in an open, friendly way with a mind towards the equality-based community standards the Dystopia Rising LARP Network embodies, it is not our intent to direct you on how to live your day-to-day life.

We want a membership base that treats one another well. We want a membership base that treats everyone equally. We want a membership base that, truthfully, encourages the growth of not only the network but the players within it.

It is important to note that these guidelines are in relation to person-to-person interaction and not character-to-character interaction. We all understand that by attending a Dystopia Rising RP event we accept a wide range of role-play and while out of character actions should always be conducted with utmost care and respect for each other, conflict between characters is a part of the game and the world. Safe Space policies should always be kept in mind during the IC interactions but should not be used as an opportunity to avoid negative repercussions or interactions.


When at a Dystopia Rising LARP Network event, much like in real life, illegal activity is illegal. If members engage in illegal activity while at a Dystopia Rising LARP Network event, those members will be turned over to the local authorities in addition to having corrective actions by local Branch Directors or national Network Representatives.

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