Background Story Approval Form


Welcome to Dystopia Rising Harrisburg!

If you are playing a strain that is Additional Approval, Limited Approval, or Restricted you will be required to fill out this form in order to have your character approved to be local to our chapter. This is only for characters wishing to start or transfer a character to DRPA. Travelers are not required to have a background story approval to visit our chapter.

If your background is approved we will send you an e-mail notifying you that is is and then we will go through the process of your costuming approval. This can be done by sending us an e-mail with pictures of you in your FULL costume to DRPA Story Telling at - or simply responding to the approval e-mail we’ll send.

If there are any concerns or questions about your backstory we’ll do everything we can to work with you to create an amazing story for your character!

If you are applying for a background story approval for a personal plot request please do so before submitting the personal plot request. This way we have all of the information required to ensure the mod goes smoothly for anyone involved. A background story should be approved a month before the event to give us enough time to work with you on the backstory and then continue on for the personal plot request.

Name *
I accept that my character's backstory does not include any banned topics of Dystopia Rising from the Rulebook OR Community Guidelines. Topics include, but are not limited to, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Domestic Abuse, anything that does not support an all inclusive environment regarding gender, sexual orientation, race, out of game religious beliefs and so on. Any backstories submitted against the standards of Dystopia Rising will be denied immediately and requested to be re-written. *
I understand that my character, who will be local to Dystopia Rising PA, is from the PA area (or close enough to.) Any backstories involving characters from areas not local to PA will be requested to be re-written. We at DRPA can ONLY approve backstories local to our chapter. *